Insulation Pin

EP-101 Insulation Pin

Material Specifications :

Base Insulation Pin with Galvanized Steel Plating and Aluminum Material.


Product Features :

  • Base Size: 25 x 25mm. Other sizes avaliable by special order.
  • Pin Diameter: 1.70mm. Other sizes avaliable by special order.
  • Ping Length: 40mm, 50mm, 70mm. Other sizes avaliable by special order.
  • Pin Material: Aluminum.
  • Pin Plating: Galvanized costing is standard.
  • Washers: self-locking washers are avaliable in a variety of sizes,
    shapes and materials.
  • Operation at ambient temperatures between 15 and 25XC.
  • Work surfaces should be cleaned and dried, free of dust, grease,
    oil and any other loose matter.
  • Place the hanger in the required position and press the base against the
    surface to be insulated.
  • Insulation can be implated immediately and firmly locked with
    fastening clips but maximum strength of adherence is achieved after 24 hours.




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