Wide Operation Temperature Range
Evertherm® phenolic insulation may be used on mild steel, stainless steel,
copper and plastic pipework with operating temperature from -180¢XC to +120¢XC.

Fullfil International Standards
Evertherm® phenolic insulation can be used to satisfy the requirements of
BS 5422, BS 5970, BS EN ISO 12241 and other major national specifications.

Excellent Fire Performance

Evertherm® insulation performs excellent fire resistance with fire rated Class 0 in
UK Building Regulations and has the perfect performance with tests against the
standards BS 476: Part 6, Part 7 & Part 12.

Evertherm® is immune to vermin and will not sustain mould growth

High Moisture Resistance
Evertherm® phenolic insulation has a closed cell content of >90%,
which makes it highly resistant to moisture penetration and wicking.
It is ideal insulation material for cold, chilled, low temperature systems.

High Energy Saving
Evertherm® phenolic insulation has an excellent thermal conductivity;
it offers an outstanding insulation performance rather than other insulation materials,
providing an energy saving benefit and lower long term system running costs.

Easy Installation
Evertherm® phenolic insulations are simple to install and can be cut and
shaped to any size by using the normal hand tools.



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